The Art of Realism

Abdul Rashid Razak

Beriba Rehat

Oil on canvas

30 x 40 inch




 "As a self-taught artist, I have never been to any art school, or college or university. First, because my old man couldn't afford it, and second, because my grades in secondary school weren't all that great.

Apart from the lessons I got from my father who was also a painter, I learned from books, exhibitions, and discussions with fellow artists, some of whom were already established, others struggling to irk out a living like me.

Apart from painting as a primary source of income, I am keen also in other art forms. I observe our cultural values and the way we live. I see that those values are fast eroding from the onslaught of foreign cultures.

In painting portrait, likeness is crucial. That is what my struggle is all about "

A.Rashid Razak

We must capture the caricature, the essence of everything we see. In order to discover that caricature, a painter needs to be a physiognomist- a  person who judges  character from facial features of body form.The good artist must penetrate the mind of the model. Grasp  the uniqueness of your model - he is just not a strong man, he is a Hercules.Study the model's most characteristic  pose. The body should not follow the movement of the head. First note natural physiognomy of your model;position your model  accordingly, let him or her  express themselves  naturally. Examine the model "in depth" before you begin. No two persons are alike; give each every bit of his or her individuality. Sketching is the art of grasping the character, the dominant traits in the face, and he personality of the subject. Study and observe the poses characteristic of each age group. In movement, one profile is always more significant than another. The artist at work must be ever watchful, ever mindful of detail, right up to the last moment. Draw the eyes as you go - don't leave them tll the end. Paint as you draw. Try to put  some life into the dark areas.It is not white that first meets the eyes; it is the medium shades, the deep shadows.details are great gossips; muzzle them. Note the limits of the shadows,the medium shades , and the highlights, Avoid too many lights - they can spoil the effect. Portraits of woman need as much light as possible. breathe vitality into the figure. Build on  a basics concept, continually, seeking, uniting, comparing. See how art develop. Look first of all at Michelangelo, then look at Raphael, who owed everything to Michelangelo. Both artists reached perfection by giving themselves up to their craft, by submerging their egos,by faithful representation .

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

The Art of Realism


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