Portrait Commisions

1994 : Portraits of Prime Minister Datuk Sri Dr. Mahathir and his wife Datin Sri Dr,Siti Hasmah. Commisioned by Jetty Point, Langkawi,Malaysia

1998 : Portrait of His Highness Sultan Syed Sirajuddin Ibni Syed Putra of Perlis,as Cancellor of University of Science Malaysia,Malaysia

1999 : Portrait of Vice-Cancellor,Professor Datuk Dr.Ishak Thambi Chik of University Science of Malaysia,Penang,Malaysia

2000 : Portrait of Penang Prison Director

2001 : Portrait of Penang State Secretary

2000 : Portrait a managing Excutive of Motorola, Penang

1999 : Portrait a managing Excutive of Motorola, Penang

1993 : Portraits commisioned by various people from locals and Internasional expatriates and  tourist

2007 : Portrait of His Highness, The Governor of Penang, on The inaugration of Doctrate of Litrature awarded by The University Science of Malaysia,penang

Book Published

Asas Melukis Potret ( Basics Drawing On Portrait ) by A.Rashid b. A. Razak

Social Activities :

2000 - 2007 : A member and Chairman of Penang Malays Artists Association

2000 /07       : Penang State Art Council Committee

The Art of Realism

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